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                    Eyelash Extensions
What Are Lash Extensions:
Semi permanent lash extensions are a professional salon
service, preformed by cosmetologists, aestheticians and 
specially licensed lash artists.  Semi-permanent extensions
are single strands of synthetic or organic materials, curled to
replicate a natural lash.  Each extension is applied one at a
time to your natural lashes, providing an immediate visual
transformation. Premier's lashes are silky soft and virtually
weightless for a natural, elegant & full look.  The added volume, length and curl will
have you looking gorgeous the moment you wake up, until you fall asleep - saving you
precious time during your morning routine.  

Today's lash extensions are soft, weightless and a true extension of the natural lash. 
This requires fewer fills and salon visits.  A full set typically consists of 120-150 lashes
per eye.  Sessions typically range from 1 1/2 - 3 hours, depending upon the number of
lashes applied.  When applied correctly, extensions will last 3-5 weeks.  This is based
on the growth cycle of your natural lashes, the expertise of your lash stylist and most
important; your care & maintenance between visits.
Semi-permanent lashes are permanent with regular touch-ups.  Every 30-45 days
approximately 1/3 of your natural lashes fall out.  As each lash sheds, a new eyelash
is replacing the old.  As a result, general maintenance is required to keep your lashes
looking full and natural.  Applied correctly, lash extensions generally last 3-5 weeks.  
Higher quality lashes require fewer fills.
Your lash extensions should look and feel completely natural.  They should never sag,
twist or feel heavy.  If you experience any pinching, pulling, redness, swelling or
discomfort of any kind - contact your stylist immediately.
Common questions:
   •  Are the extensions glued to my skin?  No, the lash extensions are applied 1-3mm
away from your skin and directly to the natural lash.  At no point should the adhesive
ever contact the skin. 

   •  Can I wear makeup or mascara?  Yes, however, only Oil-Free makeup, removers
and moisturizers should be used. Oils will break down the adhesive causing your
extensions to fall out prematurely.  Use mascara sparingly. Apply only to the tips,
or on your lower lashes.  NEVER use waterproof mascara.

 •  Can I use a lash curler?  No, today's extensions won't lose their curl. A mechanical
lash curler will crimp the lashes,  breaking adhesives bond. 

•  How do I care for my lash extensions?  Avoid getting your lashes wet for the
first 24 hours.  Clean your eyes with an Oil Free makeup remover.  Gently rub your
extensions between your forefingers & thumb. Oil based products will affect the
adhesion, causing your lash extensions to fall out prematurely.   Using a clean
mascara wand, groom your lashes from the base to the tip while rolling the wand.  
Support your lashes using your finger, curling them in an upward motion. Speak with
you stylist for details. 

  •  Preparing for my appointment: Remove all makeup and moisturizers.  Avoid
caffeinated drinks - you will want to be relaxed.  It is recommended to use the
restroom prior to your appointment.  Wear comfortable clothing to make the most of
this time for relation and pampering.
 •  Can I remove the lashes myself?  No, this should only be done by a professional
to prevent damaging your natural lashes. Removal generally takes 20 -30 minutes.   

Recommended Products: 
  •  Full Head Mascara Wands
  •  Flocked Lint Free Applicators
  •  Oil Free Makeup, Removers & Moisturizers
  •  Coating & Sealant  - recommended for oily skin or active lifestyles
  •  Sleep Mask or Spa Pillow - recommended for side sleepers
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